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Liquor License - Temporary Outdoor Area

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing of an outdoor area request from the time an application is submitted until the temporary outdoor permit is processed.

This privilege applies ONLY to a business currently holding a permanent on-premises liquor license.

Application for the temporary outdoor area privilege is required if consumption of alcoholic beverages will be allowed outside the currently licensed premise (building), such as at a picnic table, porch, deck, patio, beer garden, etc. This temporary privilege applies only under one of the following circumstances:

  1. the addition of a temporary outdoor area for a short-term event; or

  2. the extension of an existing permanent outdoor area for a short-term event.


Application and Approval Process
  1. To submit your license application on-line, go to the State of Iowa’s Website Enter the user ID and password you established for your existing license. On the “Action List”, find the selection for adding an outdoor area privilege (not a New License application). The application asks you to identify the dates of the outdoor area and how the boundaries of the outdoor area are designated. If applying for a temporary outdoor area, be sure to list beginning and ending dates. If you have difficulty accessing the application or if you have questions, please call Iowa ABD at (866) 469-2223 (Option 1 for a Licensing Specialist).

  2. Please provide all of the following documents to Davenport City Hall/Revenue Division – 226 W 4th Street, Davenport IA 52801 to begin the approval process

    1. Notarized Signature Form printed from your on-line application

    2. Sketch of the premises and outdoor area. Please provide a clearly marked sketch with the outline of the currently licensed premises (building) and the boundaries of the outdoor area. The outdoor area must include an entryway leading directly between the building and outdoor area. The outdoor area cannot be separated from the building by parking or other space. Boundaries of an outdoor area must be easily identifiable using visible above-ground structure (such as permanent or temporary fencing, barricades, planters, etc.).

  3. The application information will be routed for review to the Zoning, Fire and Police Departments. When all department approvals have been received by the Revenue Division, your application will be placed on the Committee of the Whole agenda for City Council approval before processing by the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division.

    1. Note: Council agenda is set two weeks prior to each meeting and meetings are held twice per month.

  4. Dram Shop Liability Insurance Endorsement An endorsement verifying coverage must be submitted on-line with your application by the insurance company extending coverage to include the temporary outdoor area. Coverage must be verified for the dates in the on-line application. The endorsement is not required at the time the application is submitted, so do not delay submitting the application and sketch. It is not necessary to provide a copy of the endorsement to the City.

  5. When all of the above steps are completed, the City will endorse your license application for processing by the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division.

  6. Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division will email your permit to the email address provided on your online application. Please have the permit and sketch available upon request during the event.

    1. Note: If you have not submitted a ‘Special Events’ application, please apply online by using the link below.  This also requires City Council approval.


Special Events Application - Required

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