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Students learn fire safety by pie

Students learn fire safety by pie
Posted on 12/04/2017
Firefighters Jason Carrillo and Carter Oltman were targets for pies by Adams Elementary School students learning fire safety and prevention.Davenport firefighters had a blast on a recent visit to Adams Elementary School where they taught 300 students about fire safety that ended with a pie to a firefighter's face.

Firefighters on Engine 3 taught the kindergarten through second grade students to become “fire prevention specialists” with lessons on smoke detectors, door/window basics, to stay low and go, get out and stay out, evacuation plans, meeting places, stop, drop, and roll, 911, and their addresses/phone numbers.

After the classroom part of the instruction, the students were tested on what they learned through the pie-face game. With their heads stuck through a homemade frame, Firefighters Jason Carrillo and Carter Oltman were offered up as targets.

When students answered a question incorrectly, the pie was slid in front of Carrillo’s face. When the kids answered a question correctly, the pie was moved in front of Oltman’s face. Unfortunately for Oltman, the kids answered all the questions correctly.

With the help of teachers, they selected a helper who put the pie to Oltman's face. The kids loved it!

After the class, Oltman put all his gear on to show the kids what firefighters look and sound like. He also showed the students all the cool stuff that's on the fire engine. Students received coloring books and sticker badges and were made honorary Davenport Firefighters.

The students were encouraged to share everything they learned with those around them. Students went home with homework as well: to learn their addresses/phone numbers, create an evacuation plan and meeting place and to practice a fire drill at home just like they do at school.

It was a great morning with the kids and we can’t wait until next year, Lt. Eli Voss said.