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DFD assists at scene of grain bin dryer fire.

DFD assists at scene of grain bin dryer fire.
Posted on 10/10/2017
Side view of Davenport Fire Truck 1, with its 100 foot aerial ladder extended, next to 85 foot grain bin dryer in Walcott, IA, as crews extinguish various areas on fire.Davenport Fire crews assist at scene of Walcott grain bin dryer fire.

Around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, Walcott Fire crews were on scene at a fire in a grain bin dryer. The dryer was approximately 85 feet tall. Davenport Fire District Chief Mike Carlsten says Walcott Fire crews had emptied the contents of the dryer and attempted to extinguish the grain inside but were unable to gain access to all of the areas on fire.

Shortly after 7 a.m., Walcott Fire requested assistance from Davenport Fire crews. DFD responded with Truck 1, which has a 100 foot aerial ladder, a three person crew and a District Chief.

DFD crews made multiple saw cuts into the exterior of the dryer to gain access to the product burning inside and extinguished it with hand lines, according to Chief Carlsten.

Fire crews from throughout Scott County were on scene assisting. Davenport Fire crews were on scene for approximately 3 hours before leaving the scene with Walcott Fire and the grain elevator staff.

Chief Carlsten says the grain dryer received extensive damage but estimates or exact causes are not available at this time.

Walcott Fire will provide further updates and details.