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DPD officer helps Alaska department

DPD officer helps Alaska department
Posted on 01/02/2020
Officer Epigmenio Canas stands with equipment being sent to Savoonga, Alaska's police departmentDavenport Police Officer Epigmenio "Peme" Canas talked Thursday about getting donations for equipment for a police department of a small Alaskan village in the Bering Sea.

After learning about the lack of equipment the Savoonga Police Department has, Canas reached out to the chief in Savoonga. Canas started -- through word of mouth -- taking donations, keeping the Savoonga chief updated on his efforts.

“He is overwhelmed with the caring of a stranger,” Canas said.

People who know Canas aren’t surprised. He’s been known to buy groceries for people on his beat. One Christmas, he bought toys for a woman whose kids' presents were stolen along with her car.

“It is just my nature to help people,” the 16-year DPD veteran said.

Soon, through Canas’s church, Cross Point Church of Bettendorf, the equipment will be on its way to Alaska.

"It is important to have good equipment,” Canas said.

Bulletproof vests, Tasers, batteries and chargers will be shipped to Alaska. Cross Point ( became the point of contact after word of Canas’s goodwill got out and calls came from around the country of people wanting to help.

Vests can be $600 to $700, about the same price for a Taser. Shipping is expected to be about $600. Canas also got personalized patches for the Savoonga officers to put on their vests. He wasn’t surprised by the outpouring of support once word got out through an article shared by Pro Publica.

“I know there are giving people out there, caring people out there,” Canas said. "They just need a little spark.”