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Council bids farewell to Ald. Jason Gordon

Council bids farewell to Ald. Jason Gordon
Posted on 12/14/2017
Alderman Jason Gordon, At-large, receives a framed photo collage from Mayor Frank Klipsch during his last City Council meeting.Alderman Jason Gordon, At-large, who stepped down after four terms on the City Council Wednesday, counts a number of economic development success during his time in office.

Gordon didn't run for reelection and will be replaced by JJ Condon when the City Council reconvenes in January.

He also views several fiscal decisions aldermen have made during his tenure that placed the City on sound financial footing.

He is proud of the continued renaissance in downtown Davenport and the start of a transition of the riverfront following the departure of the riverboat casino to a land-based casino, the development of the transload facility and rail spur at the Eastern Iowa Industrial Center, the retention and relocation of Kraft-Heinz and addition of Sterilite to the area near the industrial center.

Financially, he has been on the council as the taxable value in Davenport has been on the rise, including a 2.4 percent increase last year. The Council has recently presided over a record investment in streets and sewers while the city’s fund balance has grown to 21.6 percent of the annual budget.

He points to three personal accomplishments to his time on City Council. He initiated the process to secure a third-party administrator for insurance claims. He calls 2012 Teamsters negotiations one of the best in recent history. Also, he was involved in securing a new financial institution for the City’s funds after Wells Fargo was disqualified.

Thank you for your service on City Council Alderman Gordon!