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Bytnar gets Respect for Law Award

Bytnar gets Respect for Law Award
Posted on 05/18/2018
Officer Bobby Bytnar holds up the 2018 Respect for Law Award he received from the Davenport Optimist Club

Congratulations to Officer Bobby Bytnar who received the Respect for Law 2018 Award from the Davenport Optimist Club Friday!

Read the departmental nomination of Officer Bytnar:

Officer Robert Bytnar
Davenport Optimist Club – Respect for Law 2018

This year’s nomination is Officer Robert Bytnar of the Davenport Police Department. He began his career in October 1996 and has been a valued member of our agency ever since. He spent the first 10 years of his career assigned to the Patrol Division. His ability to talk with people and make a connection regardless of the circumstances has made him a well-known officer in our community. There are not many neighborhoods you can go into and not have someone ask about Officer Bytnar or even request him at calls for services. It is his excellent communication skills, his sense of humor and light heartedness, his ability to develop trust within the community, and a near photographic memory of citizen contacts which makes Officer Bytnar such a respected and utilized resource within the Department.

In addition to his earlier duty assignment in his career, he served as a liaison for the Davenport Community School District. In this role he worked in the schools in conjunction with the staff to add another layer of community support. He took the opportunity and built relationships with our children. It was common place to see him talking with kids in the hallways, in the stands of sporting events and chaperoning dances. He took advantage of his time with them to build respect and trust for not only himself, but as a representative of the Law Enforcement profession. His ability to build mutual respect allowed him to positively influence and help hundreds of kids not only in enforcement type situations, but mentored them in other areas of life. He is described by many as a good man you can trust. He is always a welcome site to many officers and community members at calls for service because of his ability to calm and control difficult situations.

In 2005 Officer Bytnar was assigned to the Crime Prevention Unit / Neighborhoods Energized to Succeed Program. His talents were a natural fit and helped move the Community Policing Model forward for the City of Davenport. His efforts along with those officers and community members he worked with set the foundation for the Program and the successes the city has benefited from for many years.

Officer Bytnar is currently assigned to Day Shift Patrol. Some may see this as a time to slow down, not Officer Bytnar. He continues to excel with enforcement, embracing the community and supporting his fellow officers. Although his chosen career path has not moved him up in the ranks. He is a well-respected and recognized leader amongst his peers. His actions and devotion to our community serves as a role model for young officers entering this profession in a time that is greatly needed.

We appreciate Officer Robert Bytnar’s efforts, we value his integrity and we are grateful for his commitment to the citizens of Davenport and to the Davenport Police Department. Officer Bytnar’s nomination for Davenport Optimist Club Respect for Law Award is well deserved.