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Missing Child

UPDATE: DAVENPORT, IOWA (August 12, 2020) – On July 10, 2020, Breasia Terrell was reported missing to the Davenport Police Department and was entered into the National Crime Information Center as a missing child. An Amber Alert remains in effect for Breasia, and she is also listed as a missing child with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. During the past month, the Davenport Police Department has relentlessly pursued all leads in an effort to locate Breasia.

The Davenport Police Department appreciates the community’s assistance in the search for Breasia. The community has provided hundreds of tips for investigators to pursue through Crime Stoppers, 911 dispatch, social media, and other sources. This active investigation remains a priority of the Davenport Police Department, with investigative resources devoted to following up on all leads. 

“I would like to thank the community for the outpouring of support as the men and women of the Davenport Police Department work tirelessly to find Breasia. Our dedicated professionals want nothing more than to find her and this case remains a priority for our department,” said Davenport Police Chief Paul Sikorski. 
Law enforcement remains in frequent contact with Breasia’s mother, Aishia Lankford. Lankford continues to distribute fliers throughout the Quad Cities and surrounding areas in an effort to locate her daughter.

The Davenport Police Department continues to ask for the public’s assistance in providing any information regarding the whereabouts of Breasia. In July, the Davenport Police Department named Henry Dinkins as a person of interest in the disappearance of Breasia and asked for any information regarding his whereabouts between Thursday, July 9, 2020 at 10:00pm to Friday, July 10, 2020 at 12:00pm.

“Henry Dinkins remains in custody on unrelated charges at this time.  There are people who know what happened to Breasia, and I urge them to come forward with any information to help law enforcement locate Breasia” said Sikorski.

On July 24, the FBI announced a $10,000 reward for information that leads to locating Breasia or the arrest of anyone who was involved in her disappearance. Those with information should contact the Davenport Police Department at 563.326.6125 or email

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On Tuesday, July 14, the Davenport Police Department named Henry E. Dinkins as a person of interest in the Breasia Terrell case. The Davenport Police Department continues to ask the public for any information regarding Dinkins whereabouts from 10 pm on Thursday, July 9 to 12 pm on Friday, July 10. Photos of Dinkins and his associated vehicles may be found below. Dinkins’ primary vehicle is believed to be the 2007 Maroon Chevy Impala.  Anyone with information is asked to call 563-326-6125.


Breasia TerrellHenry Dinkins 1Henry Dinkins 2Henry Dinkins 3Motorhome photo 1Maroon Impala vehicle 1motorhome photo 2black chevy camaro

missing person flyer

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July 17, 2020 | Family Resources Assistance
As our community continues to offer support in the search for Breasia Terrell, Family Resources is here to help...

Family Resources is here to help the community through trained advocates and counselors who are available to support anyone who may be affected by this case. When a child goes missing, it can often have a collective impact, and the 24/7 Crisis Line is available to anyone at all who needs to talk about the impact of this collective trauma. Individuals, families, parents, systems or organizations are all invited to reach out through the Crisis Line at 866-921-3354.

Family Resources is here to help the other systems who are focused on helping to bring Breasia home by coordinating the outpouring of support from the community and working to compile information into a central location as it becomes available.

Finally, Family Resources is here to help support Breasia's family directly. At this time, the following donations are needed to support the family as they focus on searching:
Gas cards
Hygiene items
PPE (especially masks)
Bug spray
Laundry detergent
Hats,boots and gardening gloves

Donations are being accepted at the Davenport Schools Administration Center (1702 North Main Street, Davenport: M-F 9AM-4PM)

Monetary donations are being organized by Family Resources. More information can be found here.

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Breasia Terrell - Missing Person Flyer - Davenport Police Department