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Snow Angel Program

Picture of Snow Angel in the snowSnow Angels is a referral program that connects volunteers with individuals in need of assistance to shovel their sidewalk during the winter.

Eligibility for Snow Angel Assistance.  The Snow Angel Program is designed to assist seniors and physically disabled Davenport residents that are unable or lack the resources to remove snow from their sidewalks and walkways.

Individuals eligible for the program must be a Davenport resident, at least 60 years old or physically disabled.

Additional information on the program requirements and the application can be found at this link.

Eligibility to Become a Snow Angel Volunteer.  This volunteer opportunity is open to all youth and adults with the ability and interest to help individuals who lack the ability or resources to shovel their own sidewalks. Volunteers in the Snow Angel program are asked only to commit to serving a neighbor-in-need for an entire winter season. Snow Angel Volunteers are not required to be residents of Davenport, however, should understand they will be assigned to a home in Davenport.

Volunteers under 18 years of age will need parental permission to participate.

Volunteers who are unable to commit to an entire winter season due to planned vacations or similar events and activities are welcome and will be placed on an on-call list to provide service on as needed basis.

Additional information on program requirements and the application can be found at this link.

Snow Angel Volunteer Placement.  Our success and ability to place volunteers with applicants is dependent on the number of volunteers signed up to be a Snow Angel. Applicants and Volunteers are notified when/if an assignment is made. We may not be able to honor all requests for assistance due to lack of volunteer resources.


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