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Parking Study


Conduct a use and needs analysis of the downtown parking systems (ramps and on-street).

Current Update

TimHaahs and Associates have finished all field work with Davenport Stakeholders and should provide a preliminary draft of the report to staff by the end of July for review. Final draft will be presented to council 4Q-19.  

Previous Status

TimHaahs was selected as the consultant for this study and was onsite in April to meet with City staff and downtown stakeholders and gain insight to the current parking system in downtown Davenport. The consultants will perform a second site visit in 2Q and the study is anticipated to be complete in 3Q-2019.

Operational Pillar: Welcoming Neighborhoods

Council Goal: N/A

Project Leader: Oswald

Target Completion: 4Q-2019

Progress: 50%
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