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Snow Angel Volunteer Guidelines

Davenport Snow Angel Program

Snow Angel Volunteer Guidelines

The City of Davenport Snow Angel program is intended to connect volunteers with individuals in need of assistance to shovel their sidewalk during the winter.

Eligibility to Become a Snow Angel Volunteer.  This volunteer opportunity is open to all youth and adults with the ability and interest in helping individuals who lack the ability or resources to shovel their own sidewalks. Volunteers in the Snow Angel program are asked only to commit to serving a neighbor-in-need for an entire winter season. Snow Angel Volunteers are not required to be residents of Davenport, however, should understand they will be assigned to a home in Davenport.

Volunteers under 18 years of age will need parental permission to participate.

Volunteers are not employees, agents, or contractors of the City of Davenport or the Davenport Volunteer Connection by virtue of participation in this program.

Volunteers who are unable to commit to an entire winter season due to planned vacations or similar events and activities are welcome and will be placed on an on-call list to provide service on as needed basis.

Snow Angel Volunteer Placement.  Our success and ability to place volunteers with applicants is dependent on the number of volunteers signed up to be a Snow Angel. Volunteers will be notified when they are assigned to a Snow Angel Applicant.

Snow Angel Applicant/Volunteer Relationship. Applicants and their Snow Angels are advised that this is a completely voluntary program. Service expectations and terms of the relationship have been established to protect both Snow Angel Applicants and the Snow Angels themselves.

  • Snow Angels are not expected to provide services other than snow removal.
  • Snow Angels are not expected to remove snow other than the snow on public sidewalks and creating a path up to the front door of the applicant, if requested. Snow Angels are not obligated to clear snow from driveways.
  • Snow Angels are volunteers. Applicants should not offer any form of payment for snow removal, nor should the Snow Angel request any form of payment.
  • Snow Angels are not expected to remove light snow with little accumulation or to remove snow if the snow is expected to melt within 24 hours.
  • Snow Angels may have jobs and other activities they participate in, Applicants should not expect their volunteer to clear walks immediately following a snow event. Snow Angels are only asked to provide service within 36 hours following the conclusion of a snow event.
  • Snow Angel Applicants should not invite Snow Angels into their home and Snow Angel Volunteers should not accept invitations into a Snow Angle Applicant home.  This activity is NOT endorsed by the City.
  • Exchanging contact information, such as phone numbers, is NOT endorsed by the City.
  • Snow Angels will provide their own shovel or snow blower, however, are not expected to supply salt. Applicants are welcome to leave salt in accessible area outside the home for Snow Angels to apply.

Submit your interest in becoming a Snow Angel by e-mail at this link, or contact us at 563.326.7923, during business hours.