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Fire Administration consists of the Fire Chief, two Assistant Chiefs, and an Administrative Assistant.

The primary functions of this division are:

  1. Strategic Planning: Strategic planning involves the analysis of the City's growth, diversity, occupancy, citizen demand and working with elected officials and the City Administrator to secure the resources necessary to protect our citizens from natural and man made disasters.

  2. Budget Development and Administration: This involves working with all divisions of the Fire Department to develop a capital and operating budget for our buildings, apparatus, and large expenditures which must be amortized over several years. The operating budget consists of wages and benefits, supplies and services required for day-to-day operations.

  3. Labor Relations and Negotiations: Work with Local #17, International Association of Professional Fire Fighters and the City Human Resources Department to develop an agreement that is acceptable to all parties. Meet with union representatives periodically to resolve conflicts which arise regarding contract interpretations.

  4. Elected Officials: Collaborate with and respond to elected officials' requests for service and information including representing the Fire Department at various ward meetings, etc.

  5. Emergency Response: Respond to emergencies 24/7 when needed and assist Operation Division in fire suppression activities and responses.