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Flood recovery resources

Flood recovery resources
Posted on 05/07/2019
2019 flood nearly covers Levee Inn

The City of Davenport is providing guidance to businesses and residents effected by recent Mississippi River flooding.

The guidance (available here) ranges from documenting damages and costs to what needs to be inspected and by whom to return home or reopen a business.

City staff also provided information on sandbag disposal and permit waivers.

For sandbag pick-up call (563) 326-7923 or place a request online at Sandbags must be placed in a pile in the curb line and not obstruct traffic. We will not pick up sandbags we have not received a request for.

For flood property debris removal, coordinate with a private hauler. Know that whether the city or the hauler picks up the material, there are waste separation guidelines for flood debris. Guidance on how to properly dispose of debris was also offered.

For public safety, and to get properties impacted by recent flooding re-occupied or re-opened, the City of Davenport has submitted a resolution to Davenport City Council to waive all necessary and applicable City permit fees for flood recovery and building restoration activities. The waiver of fees shall be contingent upon the completion of a damage assessment by City of Davenport staff or their designee.

The City and Scott County also shared a pair of links to website. The first is 2019 flood resources. The second is an update on a donations center that opens Friday May 10.