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Long Term Facility Plans


Evaluate alternatives to suitably accommodate long-term municipal facility needs. This includes the site selection and build-out program for the fire training asset relocation, site selection efforts for long term placement of fire station 3 and the site selection process and facility program evaluation for a multi-purpose storage facility to be utilized by Public Works, Parks, Police and Fire Departments. 

Current Update

A cross departmental team has identified two sites for the relocation of the fire training center. Preliminary site plans and budget estimates for the training center will be developed in 3Q 2019. Staff had located a potential site for locating a cross departmental storage facility, but that site is now under contract with another investor. Staff will meet in 3Q to discuss alternative locations. 

Previous Status

A cross departmental team met in 1Q-2019 to discuss the long term facility needs of all departments. In addition, a team from Fire and Public Works have evaluated several potential locations for the fire training center and are working on a site plan for an area located on land near Eastern Ave and 53rd St.

Operational Pillar: High-Performing Government

Council Goal: N/A

Project Leader: Ott/ Merritt, C. 

Target Completion: Complete

Progress: 20%
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