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WPCP 28E & Consent Related Projects


Complete the final review and adopt an updated 28E agreement to modernize terms related to shared sewer assets including the cost-sharing structure and maintenance/improvement of joint-systems; includes a strong focus on moving consent order projects forward in a timely, scheduled process.

Current Update

The 28-E technical committee is currently reviewing the final proposal; once language has been agreed upon by all of the communities' staff teams, the proposal will be presented to individual City Council bodies in 2019.

Previous Status

The Cities of Davenport, Bettendorf, Riverdale, and Panorama Park continue to discuss potential updates to the 28E Agreement that regulates the use and financing of the Water Pollution Control Plant and Compost Facility. The work group has been meeting monthly for several months to finalize recommended changes. A draft 28E is expected to be presented to the Joint Use Policy Group in June 2019 with potential approval by all four Joint Use Cities in the early Fall.

Operational Pillar: Sustainable Infrastructure

Council Goal: Improve Infrastructure

Project Leader: Gleason/Miers/Wright

Target Completion: 4Q-2019

Progress: 90%
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