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Fire & Police Operations Study Implementation


Present final reports to the City Council; individually evaluate all findings and recommendations from both reports; create implementation timelines for key recommendations and make departmental adjustments as necessary; incorporate any feasible staffing and equipment adjustments into the FY 2019 Budget as funding allows.

Current Update

DPD has completed the promotional testing and evaluation process for the lieutenant position and promoted one lieutenant for the succession of a retirement in August 2019. A Civil Service list for lieutenant has been certified with 10 candidates and will be valid for two years. Lieutenant reassignment will take place in August/September to establish a well rounded command staff. Civil Evidence Technicians have been fully trained in NIBIN and the process is operational. DPD has purchased and received two license plate readers. They will be installed and operational by fall 2019. 

The Fire Department's training division has collected information on training deficiencies and is developing a training plan to meet these needs. A new RMS training module has been developed and is currently being utilized to allow for accurate documentation and access of department training activities. The department is working with Public Works to identify a site for a long term training facility. The Accreditation ACR (annual compliance report) was submitted and recommended for re-accreditation for the department. 

Previous Status

The training department for the Fire Department is developing a plan to collect information of training deficiencies for all staff to develop a plan to meet the training needs of staff. This information will be utilized as part of the formalized career development program for personnel. DFD is working on a formalized fleet replacement plan and associated budget. Finally, DFD is working with SECC to monitor call processing times and identify areas of improvement to be utilized in modifying their Standard of Coverage performance statements. 

The Davenport Police Department has completed planning for a reorganization of Lieutenant staff, which will go into effect 3Q 2019. DPD also adjusted policies and procedures within the department to allow the patrol division to follow up on specific case incidents.

Operational Pillar: Well-Protected Community

Council Goal: N/A

Project Leader: Carlsten/Sikorski

Target Completion: 4Q-2019

Progress: 80%
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