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Sump Pumps and Downspouts

Sump Pump and Downspout Discharges
Posted on 07/05/2019
Sump Pump and Downspout Discharges

Be A Good Neighbor. Directing your downspouts or sump pump hoses directly to a neighbor’s house or yard can cause tension between property owners and lead to water damage, erosion, and nuisance conditions.

Direct downspouts and sump pumps to your yard.  Consider capturing rain water with a rain barrel, or installing a rain garden or other infiltration practice to discharge these waters to.

You can be fined for directing sump pump discharge to within 10 FT of the neighboring property line or if discharge from downspouts or a sump pump is creating hazardous or nuisance conditions such as erosion, ponding/stagnant water, icy sidewalks and roads, or slippery algae on a neighboring property or in the public right-of-way.

Find more information and tips for handling excess sump pump and downspout discharge at this link.