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Awards for DPD Employees

Departmental Medal of Honor            Service Bar

Awarded to a sworn member who intelligently, and in line of police duty, distinguishes themselves by the performance of an act of gallantry and valor, at imminent personal hazard to life with knowledge of the risk, above and beyond the call of duty.


Police Combat Bar              Service Bar 

 Awarded to a sworn member for the successful performance of an act of extraordinary heroism, while engaged in personal combat with an armed adversary at imminent personal risk to life in the performance of duty.


Exceptional Merit Bar         Service Bar

Awarded to a sworn member for an act of outstanding personal bravery, intelligently performed in the line of duty, at imminent personal risk to life, under circumstances displaying clearly disregard of personal consequences.

Commendation Bar          Service Bar      

Awarded to sworn member for an act involving grave personal danger, in the intelligent performance of duty, or for a highly creditable and unusual police accomplishment.

Meritorious Police Duty Bar

Awarded to a sworn member for an act of bravery, intelligently performed involving personal risk to life.  This medal is no longer awarded, however, persons previously presented this award will continue to wear it.


 Excellent Duty Bar    Service Bar          

 Awarded to all employees of the Police Department for an intelligent act, materially contributing to a valuable police accomplishment above and beyond an employee's normal performance in a like situation, or for submission of a device or method, adopted by the Department to increase efficiency in administrative or tactical procedure.


 Unit Citation Bar            Service Bar     

Awarded to all employees of a unit of the Davenport Police Department for performance of a series of intelligent acts materially contributing to a valuable police accomplishment.


 Good Conduct Bar               Service Bar

Awarded to a sworn member upon completion of five (5) years of continuous service without any type of suspension, demotion, resignation, or termination within that five (5) year period. Additional awards in five (5) year increments may also be awarded after five (5) years have passed from issuance of the previous award, under the same prerequisites.


Physical Fitness Bar          Service Bar  

Awarded to a sworn member for maintaining fitness standards that are required at entry level to the Police Department.


2017Davenport Police Department Awards

July, 2017-December, 2017

Department Medal of Honor


Police Combat Bar


Exceptional Merit Bar


Commendation Bar

Sergeant Eric Gruenhagen, Officer Brenda Waline, Officer Bryant Wayland, Officer Douglas Scroggins, Officer Richard Niesen, Officer Lori Walker

Excellent Duty Bar

Officer Douglas Scroggins, Officer Austin Ryckeghem

Unit Citation Bar

Sergeant James Stark, Sergeant Jason Ellerbach, Sergeant Christopher Mahieu, Detective Robert Myers, Detective Brandon Koepke, Detective Ann Sievert, Detective John Fury, Detective Bryan Butt, Detective Nathan Kelling, Detective Patrick Sievert, Officer Emily Rasche, Officer Gregory Lalla

Other Awards

Officer Scott Fuller (Davenport Noon Optimist "Respect for Law Enforcement"); Officer Brett Digman, Officer Austin Ryckeghem, and Officer Evan Obert (American Legion "Officer of the Year")

Physical Fitness Bar



Good Conduct Awards








Sergeant Andre Neyrinck


Detective William Hurt


Detective Maureen Hammes, Detective Errol Walker


Officer Scott Fuller


Sergeant Austin Kean, Sergeant Christopher Mahieu, Detective Ann Sievert, Detective Brandon Koepke, Corporal Danny Antle, Corporal William Martin


Officer Robert Welch


Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact Tabatha Rush.